40th anniversary

40th anniversary

29 jun 10:00 - 01 jul 16:00 - Salamanca
WFU Salamanca Anniversary


June 29, 2018

Registration Materials at Patio de Escuelas Menores

Private visit to the Historical Library at the University of Salamanca (reserve your spot, only 20 people allowed. Children need to be over 18 years old)

Lunch on your own

Welcome gathering by Kline Harrison, Vice-Provost of International Studies, at the Plaza Mayor and Reception at the Salamanca City Hall

Open-house at the Wake Forest Centro (C/Toro 84-90) to meet and re-connect. We will project pictures and play music from different semesters throughout the history of the program. Beverages and appetizers will be served.

Lecture by Eduardo Garrigues (Ambassador): "Recognizing Spain's Support for the Independence of the United States: An Objective of Public Diplomacy"
(at the Aula Magna, Palacio de Anaya, Facultad de Filología).

Climb to the Towers of the Clerecía church for a view of the city (optional)

Catered reception-dinner in the terrace of Casa Lis Museum. (Entrance through the main door of the museum, Calle Gibraltar, 14)
Welcome by Dr. Candelas Gala, Salamanca Program Director, and by an Official from the University of Salamanca


June 30, 2018

Open-house at the Wake Forest Centro to meet and re-connect. There will be another opportunity to view pictures and play music from different semesters throughout the history of the program. Beverages and appetizers will be served.

Tour of monuments in Salamanca

Lunch on your own

Round-tables at “Salón de Pinturas del Colegio del Arzobispo Fonseca" to exchange memories and experiences from your respective semesters:

• what funny and not-so-funny things happened during your semester in Salamanca?
• what memorable, risky, even dangerous things do you remember?
• what do you remember most from your semester and why?
• some of you had a special meeting of cultures by marrying a Spaniard? would you share with us some of your experiences in such an “immersion” situation?
• what opportunities emerged from your semester in Salamanca?

Gala Dinner at “Capilla del Colegio del Arzobispo Fonseca".

- Provost Rogan Kersh: The State of the University
- WF Vice-Provost Kline Harrison: The State of Global Affairs
- WF Dean, Michelle Gillespie: Academic Value of the Salamanca
Program at the College Level
-WF Salamanca Program Director, Candelas Gala: Why Did It All


July 1, 2018

Guided tour of the old building of the University of Salamanca

Guided visit to an exhibition on the image evolution of USAL (“la imagen de la Universidad. Imagen simbólica, mediación arquitectónica y representación institucional”)

Farewell Tapas at the Plaza Mayor terrace of bar “Tapas de Gonzalo” (price 20€, not included in “Entertainment Reunion Package”)


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